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We’re about more than just coffee

We love great coffee. We have a passion for revealing coffee’s unique combinations of seasons, care, and varieties – beautifully roasted in small batches to be fruit-forward and gently sweet. Think old-world wines. But beyond that, we believe that coffee can be the connection point for more. Periodically, we release limited and unique collaborations with like-minded artists, little things that also expand the beauty of your daily experience.


Dave Ewald

Dave Ewald

Photo: Melissa Gerr

Founder, Roaster

I’ve been roasting coffee for more than 20 years. More than 15 professionally, and always as an independent. My curiosity for the variety of amazing of coffees has kept me learning through research, and getting better by doing. In my own way. This process informs how I source coffee and develop roasting techniques to achieve what is probably best described as a desire for well-structured, fruit-forward, and lightly sweet roasts. To me, this is about paying homage to where coffee comes from, where it’s going, and what it means to the people who experience it.

But it’s also more than that to me. It’s culture, food, art, a creative outlet. Coffee can be a link to deeper connections to the broader world, an excuse to connect with friends, a link to the people who brought it to you. So, whether you brew coffee to read a great book, paint, to serve on a first date, or simply to start your day, I know it means something more to you, and I hope that you enjoy it, that it brings you pleasure, and is a part of all the thing that elevate your experience.

All this has led to me writing a book on roasting coffee. I’m currently finishing “Seeing Coffee” a guide to the process and transformations of roasting coffee, from start to finish, and how that process develops flavor.

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